Monday, June 15, 2009

Where you been???????

Tail between legs, here I am.

It has been the usual amount of busy at the Jones house, but with a few complications and human defaults. Old, slow computer. Old, tempramental camera. Cell phone dropping in the toilet. Potty training. Eight baby gifts to make and a slightly tremendous increase in my sewing creations. All of these things are my excuse. Well, and a couple of other things that you really don't care about, but anywho...

Got a nifty new little cell phone that I am a tad addicted to. The camera is working for the moment and when it isn't, the cell phone will do. My new phone has allowed me to do a lot more, therefore I am feeling a little more organized and back on track. Plus, summer is here!!! Hey!!! We all feel a little better about things when summer arrives!!!

I have been running my own little sweatshop here at the house, and want to show all of the pics but am having trouble with uploading the slideshow that I created to the blog. So, I guess I will just upload a few pics at a time to posts as I go because you don't want to spend your whole day scrolling.

Oh, the kids!! Yes, they are still here. School has ended at it was a really good year. Mac has mastered the alphabet and their sounds and we are just going to work on some word recognition over the summer. He also has shown a great interest in geography, so Michael has been working with him diligently on learning all the states. He is up to 48!! I am so proud of my little pumpkin!

Lily Kate was potty trained over Christmas and is doing really well except for a pull up at night. I'm fine with it but Daddy feels otherwise. She is just as sassy as ever. So animated...our little actress. The arteest.

Jack is hanging in there...just wants to sleep all the time so we do all we can to make him comfortable. He is healthy as a horse though!

Michael's work has kept him pretty busy. Between him cleaning up the crime brought on by the economy and stupidity, and an office that is a few men short, he stays quite tied up. He is gearing up for his annual camping trip at the beach with some guys. Did I say gearing up? I meant counting down. Seriously counting down.

We also just finished a 13 week Dave Ramsey class through church. We met one night a week, but it felt like that one night took 3 days off our week. It was really great though...we saw a huge difference in our finances within the first few weeks of the class.

I'll post more later, but hopefully this brings things up to date!!!

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