Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Playgroup meets at Chuck E Cheese

Thats right, we braved it! I think it has been more than a year since we were last here and swore we wouldn't come back. However, that was before we met really great friends that we love being around, no matter the surroundings!! It was a Tuesday afternoon, so no parties and not a whole lot of other tots around. Perfect! Mac was totally in overstimulation mode, didn't even want to think about pizza. Lily Kate pigged out for the first 20 minutes or so, then when I finally let her go she totally went and went and went. She figured out the slide then had to roam around to everything. Either she was mesmerized or just secretly playing baby chase with me! Either way, the kids had fun fun fun! Mac finally realized that you have to use tokens for the games (I think he would have been happy without that knowledge, but hey) and began asking me for more "cointh" (heavy, heavy lisp here). He was mostly interested in the race car. He would get a handful of tokens and just sit and ride, feeding it token after token. "Look at the wheelth Mommy!!" He even agreed to take Lily Kate for a ride! Another little girl clearly wanted a turn, even lending a hand to help drive! After her turn he jumped right back on and she was gone! Lucky for Mommy, no meltdown!! All in all it was a great day for me because it wore them out! Oh, and as we were leaving Mac asks for pizza. Luckily Ms. Leslie had two pieces left over that she offered him and he totally inhaled them on the way home!
We had great fun with our friends and are instead looking forward to going back next time!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Playdate with the Columbia girls....

Today some of our bestest friends came for a quick visit. Amy, Harper and their super good friends Shannon and Savannah were on their way to IOP to visit some other friends and stopped in for a lunch date. We were thrilled!!! Mac, Lily Kate, Harper and Savannah played and played and really didn't have time for food! Lily Kate hung in there with the big kids and Mac loved being the only boy! I only heard him say "stop pulling my hair kids!!!" one time, so I guess he didn't really want to be one of the girls, however he does LOVE to be chased by the girls! Mac and Lily Kate love having visitors, even if they don't quite make it through the whole visit because they are so stinkin' exhausted (i.e. in the picture, they were already in bed by the time Mommy thought to snap a picture)!!!! We loved having our friends come over and can't wait to see them again next week!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Michael and I's seven year anniversary and time has gone by so fast!! We are a very blessed couple. We are the best of friends, have two beautiful babies and every challenge has made our union stronger. We are even more in love than when we first met and marriage for us is wonderful!! No seven year itch here!! I miss you Honey and love you with all of my heart!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yah!!! Daddy sent us pictures!!!!

As many of you know, Michael is over in Iraq working for four months. He is missing his babies very much and we are missing him too. He works long hours, at least ten a day every day of the week. More so because there isn't anything else to do over there but work. He is lucky and blessed; he is in the cool A/C every day and night and working at a desk. There are so many troops over there working out in that heat and risking their lives for us. I am so humbled by that and I know that Michael is too. Today is special because he was able to send us some pictures of an outing he had to the shooting range for some practice!!! It is so wonderful to see his face and the kids are just as excited. We love and miss you so much Daddy!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Yes, I need a fabor...

So this morning at 5:30 AM my little Mac comes in to get in the bed with me. This only being the second time he has done this since Daddy has been gone, I am too tired to care and really don't mind so I oblige him. At 6:30 when the alarm goes off (yes girls, I did intend to meet you all at the Y), he stirs and feels very, very warm to me. I feel him again and say, "Mac, you feel very warm, do you have a fever?" "Yes, mommy, I need a fabor!" Correcting myself to him I say, "are you sick?" Without any hesitation and a whole lot of excitement he says, "yes!!! I need medicine!!" My boy do love some medicine!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons I love being a Mommy

1. The second chance to do things right

2. Totally getting how much God loves me

3. Watching them change, grow and develop

4. Seeing their faces light up when I enter a room and coming to me with open arms, there's nothing like it

5. Watching them experience things for the first time

6. Oh!! The clothes!!!

7. I amost never tire of hearing them say "Mommy"

8. Watching them sleep

9. Seeing myself in them over and over and over

10. It has strengthened practically all of my other relationships

11. Reading their minds

12. After working with them to explain something, watching them "get it"

13. Making my husband a Daddy and watching him with them. He is such an amazing father!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun at the playpork

On Tuesdays we have playgroup, which usually meets at the park. The weather here has been beautiful lately; very little humidity with highs in the 80's. It was a perfect day for the park and the kids had a great time. For some reason or another, Mac calls it the "playpork" . One of his quirky names that is starting to stick I guess. However, in his mind, it is the park where we play, so it makes sense to me!! We miss you Daddy!!!!


Well, the weekend brought us so much fun and a little accident to boot. We were so busy with birthday parties and "abentures" with Mimi that we were exhausted!!! Therefore, come bathtime on Saturday night Lily Kate took a little tumble in the tub and chipped her front tooth. Once she was comforted she was fine, but Mommy was devastated!!! Luckily, Dr. Britt took a look Sunday morning and said she was going to be just fine! His expertise in toothiness put Mommy at great ease and we are so greatful for him seeing us on such short notice. So, check out our photos of our chipped tooth (the pose isn't as painful as it looks) and with Dr. Britt!! Daddy helped to calm Mommy down and told her "we'll just have to call her chipper!"

Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Happy Birthday Jack and Mary!! Mac, Lily Kate, Mommy and Mimi had a blast at the birthday party!! They jumped, danced and ate until they couldn't take it no mo!!! Mac and Lily Kate had so much fun they napped until the late afternoon. Happy fourth to Jack and Mary!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Keeping up with The Joneses is NOW easier than ever!