Saturday, May 24, 2008

We've been busy!!!

I have been such a slacker on the blog lately, but we have been so busy!!! Birthday parties, school parties, playdates, boatrides, etc. Mac and Lily Kate keep this family hoppin'!!! However, my social schedule does too!!! It was Dena's Birthday and the crew helped her celebrate in style!! Mom's night out was wonderful too..a new restaurant that is ta die foah!!! For whatever reason, it always ends up as us four at MNO...guess everyone else has been as busy as we have!! School is officially over for my tots (sniff sniff) until the fall. We plan to have a busy summer and decided to start it off right with our first trip to the beach today. The kids were so tired tonight that I am almost positive they were asleep before their heads hit the pillow. According to my daytimer, things won't be slowing down anytime soon, so I will try to do better on the blogging!!! Here are a few pictures from our latest outings!!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did somebody say Cruise????

Das' right...Mama crusin' again!!! I think I am officially addicted! Claire's wonderful husband Chris suprised her with a cruise for her 30th. I have two things to say to, did you say 30? What a baby! Two, can I come??? Lucky for me the answer to the second question is "YES!!!" Chris told Claire if she wanted to invite her friends that she could...I suppose he would like some male company, so Daddy is taggin' along too!!!! I need NO EXCUSE to go on a cruise AND being a Mommy of two little ones means NO ONE can give me a hard time for going!!! Hehehe!!! CANNOT WAIT.....We board June 6th!!! Can you say Exercise????!!!!! God bless that Chris Kabine!!!

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Tea for two and two for tea

Yesterday I was cordially invited to a Mothers Day tea by Mac at his school. I really couldn't wait..Mothers Day is getting fun these days!! When I got there, they had pink tablecloths, roses in vases, muffins, tea, juice and some very wonderful goodies that each child had made their mothers. We sat down and Ms. Terri said a very, very special prayer about Mommies that made me cry. This is a big deal as I don't cry too easily these days! Ms. Brady had previously asked each of the children what they wanted to be when they grew up and while we ate she read the answers aloud. Mac's reply was "A Daddy". This warms my heart of course!! After our tea, the children sang songs that that they had learned in class and continued to charm the Mommies!! Such a special, special treat!!!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things my Mama told me. (Some lessons, some just burned into my brain)

1. "If you're too sick to go to school, then you're too sick to go out"
2. "If you don't like the rules, then you can do it different when you have your own"
3. "You are not to old for me to spank you"
4. "Always chew with your mouth closed and don't ever talk with food in your mouth"
5. "There is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you"
6. "No pain, no gain"
7. "Can't is NOT a word!!"
8. "You'll feel better once you get to school"
9. "No, you can't do that because it's a school night"
10. "Just because so and so did it does not mean you can do it too..."
11. "Money does not grow on trees"
12. "Please use correct grammar!"
13. "Practice, practice, practice"


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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on Nana

Yah!! Nana and Aunt Sandra are back on our soil!!! For those of you who weren't aware, my grandmother (above with Mac at 7 mos.) had a mini-stroke while vacationing in Europe. She was in the hospital for about 5 days and it was questionable if she could make the flight back but thanks to some very, very good friends (Thank you Tony!!), connections and an excellent supplemental insurance plan that my grandmother had she and my aunt are back!! They are currently in Charlotte and she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Praise God she made it back safely. Thank you everyone who had her in your prayers!!!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Note to self

...when your child gets into your clear nail polish and mistakes it for makeup and then proceeds to apply it all over his/her cheeks, neck or chest, you should know that when you try to use fingernail polish remover, it will sting the cheeks and they will scream uncontrollably and run from you. Using soap and water may remove it, but not right away. This is especially true if the clear polish is applied to the skin more than one time, thus making the skin oh so shiny. You may have the thought that you have ruined the child's skin or caused an irritation because his/her cheeks are so red from the vigorous scrubbing, but not to worry. The cheeks regain their normal color the next day. Also, be sure to take a picture of this adventure as it is one that you will not want to forget.

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