Friday, November 21, 2008

My Apologies

Although the below post doesn't make up for it, I do apologize for being slack on the blog. I have been looking for the motivation, but couldn't find it anywhere. The post below is one that I had been working on and didn't finish until recently. Sometimes I just wish I had some balance!! All I have been doing lately is sewing (aren't those turkey outfits just precious??), especially with the holidays coming. I am having a lot of fun with it! Other than that, the Joneses are finally on the mend...we are all healthy, happy and busy. Soccer is finished for the season and now we are gearing up for a big trip to the mountains for Thanksgiving with the other Joneses. Here are a couple of pictures that will hopefully bring you some Thanksgiving cheer! We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and know that even as tough as times are for so many, remember that it can always be worse. There is so much to be thankful for!!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

And the beat goes on.... has been yet another eventful week in our house. Shall I recap???
Mac's four year checkup. For those of you with older kids (lest you forget) or none at all, this particular doctor visit means shots...four to be exact. Everybody say it with me, TRAUMA. I prepared him for it. Told him it was going to happen and that I knew he could be brave. Even told him if afterward we would get a special treat. Cool as a cucumber was he. Ignorance truly is bliss. He howled, kicked, screamed so many tears..Mommy too. A second nurse had to come in to hold him down after the third shot. After the tears had been wiped dry and we were leaving the office he looked over at the nurse who held his legs down and said, "I'm sorry that you hurt me with the shot." Bless least he has manners!
The funk returns as Mac has a horrible, horrible cough. It drove him crazy because he couldn't even stop long enough to eat his food. We soldier on through the day as I really think it is just the beginning of a cold.
PJ day at our house...Mac needs the rest anyway. Mommy gets to finish a sewing project she has been working on..a new purse!

Mac's first field trip with school! Mommy went along with the class to the pumpkin patch and Daddy met us there. There was a hay ride, crafts, story time and we still have that horrible, horrible cough. I probably shouldn't have let him go, but he has literally been talking about it every single day for three weeks.

Halloween...Mac completely gets it this year and they are both so cute! Papa and Ganny suited us up well with Halloween bags and lights for trick or treating, along with lots of other goodies! Michael took them out while Mommy handed out candy. Mac was Mr. Incredible and Lily Kate was a bumble bee. Happy Halloween all!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!! While our day was busy with errands and activities, Daddy liked that he wasn't the center of attention. Sunday we celebrated with a cake and dinner. WE LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!!! Mac did make a trip to the doctor today because he began complaining of his ear hurting..sure enough...ear infection. Well, at least he will now be on the mend! Maybe the funk will decide to go somewhere else this week.

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