Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cruise info...finally!!

Okay, okay. So I have been so very slack on posting about the cruise!!! Apologies, but when there is only one of you and two children, the week of Halloween can be crazy I have found out!!! Alas, it is now over so I can share the pictures and fun times!!!
I had an amazing time!!! I only felt a little funny (seasick wise) on the last day, an it did take me a whole 3 days to rid myself of the sea legs. Since this was my first cruise, I can only compare it to what I have heard from others. Honestly, it was an absolute blessing to just get away for 4 days (Thank you Mama for keeping the babies!!!). I was able to walk away with wonderful memories and quality time with the girls, a little bit of sun and some definite relaxation time to boot!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat. The ship itself was clean and the food was just okay, but you wouldn't be able to tell it from looking at my butt. Heheh!! We stopped in Nassau unexpectedly, but hey, I am always up for an adventure. Dena loves it there, so she was thrilled beyond belief. The beach excursion here was unparalleled...I mean really. The beach was beautiful, even if it did almost claim each of our lives because it was so rough. The racketeers set us right up with chairs and drinks, so we really didn't have to want for anything. The Atlantis was in sight, but we didn't quite make it there. Maybe on our next trip??!!! The sand was so beautiful and fond of Dena's scalp...I hear she is still picking it out!!!
Leslie quizzed us all on the last day: "What was your highpoint, and what was your lowpoint?". Well my highpoint was the time spent with the girls; phenomenal. Lowpoint was seeing all the couples on the made me miss my Honey even more!! Did we all miss our babies??? Why of course we did!!! That is why we are all awesome Mama's and totally deserved this cruise!!! (And the one coming up!!! Hint hint!!)

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Thirteen reminders of my age while on the cruise

1. I bought t-shirts for my kids and nothing for myself
2. I didn't "flip" every 30 minutes while laying in the sun to ensure an even tan
3. I did a jigsaw puzzle on a Saturday night
4. I did a jigsaw puzzle while in a bar, watching football, sitting across from Leslie while she smocked
5. We ordered room service first thing in the morning, coffee that is...
6. My tab was one of the cheapest at disembarkment
7. I unpacked my clothes from my suitcase and utilized the drawers in my room
8. My teeth were brushed and my face was washed each night before I went to bed.
9. I couldn't tell you how many bars there were on the boat, but I can tell you where all of the restrooms were.
10. The exercise facilities were one of the first things I located after boarding
11. I saved my souvenir cups for my kids to use as bathtub toys
12. I was in bed by 11pm every night
13. We came up with this silly little pistol slinging dance while away. I have since found out it is the Wiggles signature move...nice.

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Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

So it is the biggest bummer that Daddy isn't here today as today is his birthday!!! Though he is just as miffed as we are, it is a huge consolation that he will be home so very soon!!! Therefore, we will choose to say that we aren't missing his birthday, but postponing it!!! Nonetheless, we are thinking of you today Daddy and cannot wait to see you...We love you with all of our hearts!!!

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Happy Halloween!!!

It was a blast!!! After working on costumes for what seems like forever, the kids and I headed out for the big night with the Kabine family. Mac was Peter Pan, Lily Kate was Tinkerbell, Anna Claire was Tiger Lily and Emma was Wendy. We had so much fun!!! We went to a cookout with all of Claire's family that was sooooo much fun!! The dracula teeth were a hit with all of the little ones, I even had to tell Mac that he HAD to take them out before he ate!! Then we headed out in a caravan of decorated golf carts to trick or treat! It was so much fun watching Mac...he finally "got it" this year!! It took him a few minutes to figure out that what was going on, but he battled that hot fleece and did a great job!! Lily Kate mostly stayed in the golf cart but when she did get out, she just wanted to walk into everyone's house!! We missed Daddy and hope he enjoys these pictures of the big night!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Thirteen things I will be doing in the next seven days....whew!!!

1. Spin in the morning!!!
2. Bible Study
3. Making desserts for Mom's Night Out
4. Mom's Night Out. Pizza and Swap meet at Dena's!!
5. Jahnz's Birthday party. Yah and happy 3rd!!!
6. Partay at the Lee's; lordy lordy, Jonathan's 40!!!
7. Church
8. Birthday party for a classmate of Mac's
9. Traveling to Columbia to take "Aunt Anda" back to Columbia; sniff sniff..
10. Going to the Pumpkin patch with our wonderful friends!!
11. Playgroup outing to the zoo in Columbia
12. Finish sewing Halloween costumes
13. CRUISIN'IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh so busy...what's a Mommy to do?? I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Take a deep breath...

So this past week has been rough. Both of my babies have been sick with that oh so horrible cold going around. It's a little more than the typical cold, but yet I don't know how to describe it. I have used a million and one of those vapor strips, been tag teamed by my kids for hours on end, spent a small fortune on medicine and kleenex and said many prayers that I don't get it. All I can say is, I am sorry sweet babies that you are so sick. I am sorry that Mommy has snapped several times this week and yelled at you both. I am sorry that I have not been able to hold you each more as my time was truly divided this week. I love you both and hope that tomorrow brings a better day!! Oh, one more thing, it is exactly 12 days until the cruise and it can't come sooner!!

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Oh Beth Moore....

So I just joined a bible study a week ago with some girlfriends. It is a Beth Moore study titled "The fruit of the spirit". I was curious and anxious about starting..I definitely felt like I was ready for one as I had never done one before. Wow what I was missing!!!! It is speaking so loud to is wonderful!!! I am soooo loving it. I know that it is all happening according to plan, I wouldn't have been open to hear the things I need to hear until now. I am so greatful that Leslie invited me and so greatful that I agreed to go. I just had to blog about how great Beth Moore is even though so many of you already know that!!!!

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just what exactly is going on here????

Come on...SEC football for me this weekend was so not good.....

As all of my ten or so blog readers probably know, Michael is a huge Tennessee fan and I am a huge Georgia fan. Those same ten readers may or may not know that these two teams played each other this weekend. I am so sad to say that Georgia lost. Hmmmm, Georgia lost. Let's see, I could stomach those words a little better had the winning team been um, let's see, LSU? Florida? Or heck, even South Carolina?! But Tennessee??? Come on, they have had a completely horrible season thus far and even last year. So bad, that I would be willing to bet that Phil Fulmer loses his job after this season. THIS is what ticks me off about Tennessee, but at the same time makes SEC football so very, very exciting and wonderful. You never know what is going to happen. I like it just fine, as long as we aren't on the losing end, right?

This particular game is a big one at our house. Since Michael and I have known each other we have seen each team win and lose, so neither of us dreads the game as it has become a fun one. Over the years, we have sat on opposite sides of the couch, as far away from each other as we could get. I have hidden behind pillows, afraid to watch field goals that might be missed or made to win the game. We have dared to look at each other, for fear of what might come out of the others mouth. It does make a game interesting...

I remember our first year of marriage when the famous game came on. Michael was a state trooper then and had to work really into the wee hours late. So, I sat on the couch alone watching the game, calling each time something big happened...well, each time Georgia scored or Tennessee fumbled, you get the picture. He was so ticked he had to work and miss the game. Georgia had been losing to Tennessee for the last several years, so it was a truly big deal for me when they beat them thar' Volunteers. I was high as a kite, so full of energy and no one to direct my smack talk to. So, I thought I'd stay up, wait for him to come home and rub it in real good. I couldn't make it, I got so tired. So, I pulled out a tube of body glitter (okay, I know what you're thinking here, but don't. Some girlfriend [who shall remain nameless], just for laughs stuck it in with a gift she gave me at a lingerie shower before I was married) and wrote on my stomach "UGA 4-EVA". I left him a note that he couldn't miss which said to wake me up when he came in. I knew that whenever he made it home I would be in no shape to chant junkyard dawg tunes, but this seemed to get my point across.

So, the deal in our house these days is, the spouse who's team wins gets to fly their team flag outside the house for the rest of the season. So, Michael asked me today when he called if his flag was up. Sorry honey, I seem to have misplaced it. Darn Fulmer...what a spoiler. Can't wait til' next year and we can watch it together!

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Funnies from Mac....

Okay, so some of these have not happened within the last 24 hours, but they are still pretty funny..

We are sitting in a restaurant in a booth and a man takes the booth directly behind us. He is wearing a doorag (however you spell it, that black nylon thing..skull cap, whatever) and Mac is staring. He then turns to me with great excitement and says, "Mommy look!! A pirate!!"

My mother in law is quizzing Mac about his colors and points to the color white and says, "Mac, what color is this?" Mac replies: "Milk"

Another time in a restaurant our waitress decides to chat it up with Mac, or vice versa. Pointing to Lily Kate she asks Mac, "what is your sister's name?" Mac replies, "this is Lily Kate!". She then points to me and says, "is this your Mommy?" and Mac replies, "my hot mama!!"

Lately whenever Mac receives milk he feels the need to bust into this song:
"da cowsth gibe usth milk, da cowsth gibe usth milk, hi ho da hairy oh da cowsth gibe usth milk"

The other day, I wanted Mac to tell his babysitter where Michael was. Until this conversation, we had always said that Daddy was "working on the big airplane" because that was the last place we saw him (airport). I guess he somehow has heard otherwise....
"hey Mac, can you tell Miss Ali where your Daddy is?"
"my Daddy'sth in my rack"

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I would rather be doing today....

1. Picking up Michael from the airport

2. Sleeping

3. Shopping

4. Sewing my kitchen curtains

5. Spending one on one time with Mac or Lily Kate. Preferably shopping with them and for them.

6. Baking

7. Pulling away from Charleston on a cruise ship

8. Presenting the winning ticket to the SC lottery commission

9. Mom's Night Out

10. On a beach with optimal weather, white sand and clear blue water

11. In spin class led by Temple (for those of you who don't know, she is an awesome spin teacher at the Y)

12. Sleep--okay I know I already put this, but I really want a nap!!

13. Truly, nowhere else. I am the luckiest chick ever. I have all I could ever need and am as blessed as I can possibly be. It just sounded like a fun list to make!!!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

...or sort of. Don't be alarmed, Lily Kate didn't get hurt. I just dropped a whole container of black beans on her. She didn't mind, she just said "uh oh!" and proceeded to pick them up off the floor and eat them.

Mac got to try out his new raincoat and matching umbrella that he got for his birthday. Let's all sing it together... I'm singin' in the rain!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

10 Things that make me smile!!!

So I have been tagged by Claire to list ten things that make me smile. Hmmmm, only ten???

1. My husband. Humor is very important to me in a relationship and he is so witty; he can always make me laugh, but especially when he isn't trying. He is also the most supportive partner. We totally balance each other and he is such a strong man in that he doesn't shy from what he believes in. He's an incredible father and I am the lucky one in our relationship.
2. My babies!!! Especially when I go to get Lily Kate out of her crib in the morning and she is in the best mood. Mac makes me smile whenever I pick him up from school or the YMCA and he is SOOOOO happy to see me!! They also make me smile when they are laughing at each other or just laughing period. I love it when they chuckle.
3. My friends. I always can smile when I see them, even if I am in a yucky mood. They will always share my burden with me and if nothing else, try to cheer me up if I am down. Besides, just seeing them puts me in a good mood!! They always have a funny story, or good news, or ideas of stuff to do. They are the best!!
4. When God puts himself in front of me in an overly obvious way. If God is trying to tell me something and I am not listening, it can really make me smile when I finally hear him. For example, if there is something that I want to buy but he doesn't think that it is really a good idea, my effort to do so is stopped in some way or another: the store closes before I can get there, they are out of the item when I finally do make it, they only take cash or check and I have neither, etc. Conversely, when I totally do hear God's will and I obey it...that makes me smile too to know that I am doing the right thing.
5. Spin Class. Okay, maybe I don't smile during it, but afterwards I am feeling pretty dog gone good.
6. Helping a friend. The best thing to do to get out of myself is to help if I am not smiling, I can do this and I will always end up with a smile on my face. I love it when someone asks for my help or to bend my ear and God just puts the words right in my mouth. It feels awesome when he speaks through me to others because it never just helps them, it helps me too.
7. Clothes shopping for my babies. I never tire of it.
8. Elaborating on number 8...a good bargain always makes me smile. Comparison shopping or finding the deal of the century makes my day because I know that Michael works hard so that I can stay home with my babies. This is my way of making sure his hard earned income goes far for all of us.
9. A good storm. Some people are scared of thunderstorms, but I love them!!! I love to watch the clouds roll in and then come inside where it's nice and dry to watch. We usually always need the rain around here, so I look forward to it for what it does for our surroundings but it is also so good to be stuck inside with my family every now and then. The hum of the frogs afterwards is nice too!
10. Sewing. I love to do it, even though I procrastinate about it. There is nothing like making something then using it in your everyday life. How gratifying!! Kind of goes back to number 8 too!!

I tag Susie!!!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

It was just too short...

Yah!!! Girls weekend finally arrived!!! I was so excited and luckily the drive was only an hour and a half away from home!!! It was too much fun. Good company, good food, good shopping, good digs, good football watchin', good times!!!! Virginia was soooooo very gracious to let us all descend upon the beach house, which was more than enough room and sooooo beautiful!!! Bless her bones, she was recovering from food poison from Thursday night, so even though she wasn't 100% over the weekend, she went through with it. We all had a ball!! I can't wait for the next one. Hmmmmm, maybe the mountains next time? By the way, check out Claire's shirt...the picture says it all (in case it isn't clear it says: Chocolate lovers are the best lovers)!!

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