Friday, September 28, 2007

Now I lay me down to sleep....

Every night Mac and I get on our knees to say our prayers before he goes to bed. He tries really hard to keep focused, but he is three after all. Here is how it goes each night...

MAC: Now I lay me down to sthleep
I pay da loord my sthoul to take
If I should die befoa I wake
I pay da loord my sthoul to take
blessth a famaly, nanna and pawpaw, papa and ganny, mimi and aunt
(now the eyes are open, wandering around, getting distracted)
MOMMY: Mac, close your eyes, who else do you want to pray for?
MAC: Oh, tank you fa all are friendsth!!
(now he's looking at his toys)
oh, tank you for all a molocyclesth and BIG BIG trucksth!!!
MOMMY: How about Miss Sugar and Miss Lindsay?
MAC: and pay for Missth Sthuger and Cole and Donah and Dudah and Missth Lindsthee and...
(now we get a second win)
Oh and tank you all are popsthiclesth and all da' isth cweemth!!
in da fada, da sthuuwnn and da holy sthpirit, AMEN!!!

Now we can read a book???

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

If I can brag just a bit...

So I got inspired when Claire and I went to a Lawrence and Lillian party that English and Lauren were having. I kept looking at those clothes thinking...."I could make that!" So I decided to try it out because I was ready to take my status up a notch from a novice sewer. I am so proud of myself...I just love this dress!!! I made it for Harper for her 3rd birthday. Thank you Harper for being my guinea pig!!! All it needs now is a monogram, tights and a turtleneck!!!

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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I am looking forward to about this weekend....

1. NO KIDS (can I get an amen???)
2. Road trip with a car full of other Mommies and no kids
3. Beach house, need I say more??
4. Food..eating out with my girlfriends for two meals and getting to cook for them..I can't wait!!
5. Blog know that's right. All these girls and cocktails..something's bound to happen!
6. Margaritas (can I get another amen??)
7. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Will I be buying, buying, buying?? Don't know, but I'll be shopping, shopping, shopping with no curfew!!
8. The opportunity to sleep late..of which I will take full advantage!!
9. The smell of the ocean
10. Looking for shells, one of my favorites!!
11. The fact that my kids are going to be with people who I know love them as much as I do and the way that I do..I have absolutely no worries in the world about the care they will be in while I am away.
12. Adult conversation
13. The chance to forget that my husband is far, far away (but coming home very soon and I cannot wait!!)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My sweet Mac....

My dear sweet little boy, I cannot believe you are three years old today. I look at you and you have gotten so big...I think of how you were that tiny little infant that came into this world and you gave me the biggest suprise of my life. I never ever thought that I could love so deeply. I remember looking at you and saying, " I cannot believe that you are all mine!!!" and your Mimi said, "one day I will remind you that you said that!!!" I know that there are days when you push me, as you are all boy and you are three, but for the most part I am so very lucky because you are such a sweet little boy. Sometimes we have to resort to time outs or spankings, but not that often. You respond quite well to warnings and that makes me glad as I know that God only gives me as much as he and I can handle together. Therefore, he must know that I cannot handle much more than you send my way!!! I still remember when you used to fall asleep on my chest and hold on to the neckline of my shirt with your little hand....I could never ever get enough of you little one. I love you so much and until you have your own one day you will never know how much.

In this last year you have experienced so much!!! You have begun to talk quite clearly and incessantly. You talk nonstop matter of fact. You are the friendliest child; wherever we are, you greet everyone. I mean EVERYONE!! It would be safe to say that when you retire one day you would be a great Wal-Mart greeter! You fight with your sister just as much as you play with her and you do love her love to giggle with her and make her laugh. You especially love to be chased, by her, me, anyone!!! Your cue for me to chase you is, "I'm gonna get that cutie bootie!!!" as this is what I say to you when I chase you!! Unfortunately you are terribly clumsy. This you get from me. You have the most beautiful blue eyes and smile, that brighten every day for Daddy and I. You love to lay down on your tummy and get eye level with all of your toys that have wheels and watch them go back and forth. You love the point of obsession. You can't stand to be messy...hands, nose, etc. You love music!!! This delights me and I will always try to nurture that love. You love to sing songs...zippity doo da is the latest of choice. You also love B-I-N-G-O, Baa Baa Blacksheep, ABC's and anything rap or by Rascal Flatts. Odd combination, but it's true. You are a dancing fool!!! You were born with beat!!! You absolutely adore your friends. You refer to them as "my kids". You love your sister too...if she is missing for a minute or more you ask where she is. You love to be the one to wake her up and you always help Mommy and Daddy with her. You have become quite a little helper around the house too! You love to help Mommy cook, do "fabors" for Mommy and you are so independent that you love to put your dishes up when you are finished as well as help with laundry. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so very, very greatful to have such a healthy, sweet, loving little boy. We are so proud of you and all that you have become and cannot wait to watch you grow and develop even more!! Happy 3rd birthday pumpkin pie!!!

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Birthday celebration #3, and the last!!!

Today is Mac's actual much as I hate to admit it (because I sound like a horrible Mother here..), I am glad it is over. Five days of stretching out a birthday is plenty for me (unless of course it's my own)!!! The day began with a "Happy Birthday" serenade, then a lunch of choice (cheeseburger of course!) and then we had a pizza dinner at the Kabine's where more serenading took place before a feast of brownies for a birthday dessert!! Plus, Miss Claire made sure to put in the movie of choice, Peter Pan of course!!!!! It has been a long, fun ride and will surely suffice us until next year!!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mommy got a haircut!!!

Okay, so I got a huge cut today...been thinking of doing it for awhile and just decided to go for it today. I do like it, but I hate this picture!! This was after sleeping on it and it being overexposed to that wonderful lowcountry humidity. Oh well, you get the idea!!

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Happy Birthday!!! (celebration #2)

Today I took cupcakes to Mac's school so that he could celebrate his birthday with his teachers and classmates. He was excited about the cupcakes!! He was also excited that he was having yet another celebration!! Oh, what will we do come Thursday??!!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Beerday to Mac!!!!

As my son sings to himself!!!! Saturday we had Mac's birthday party at Celebration Town and it was a blast!!!! Mimi, Aunt Anda, Nanna and Pawpaw came in town to help us celebrate and so many of our wonderful friends came to the party as well!!! We had such a jumpin' good time and Mommy cannot believe her little boy is three years old!!! His actual birthday is on Wednesday, so I guess we will stretch the birthday out a little bit!!!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

On the same note as the Connelly's.....

Rebeccah just inspired me to blog...I just read her latest, which is that she is under major bloggie block and so am I. I cannot think of a thing to post lately. It has been about a week since I have really posted anything and part of that is lack of activity or too much activity.

My Dad and StepMom were in over the weekend and so we were entertaining...or were we? We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday for Abby. Just Mac and I attended and when I whipped out the camera to take some pics for bloggie material, it died claiming my batteries were dead. So not true, I just took the batteries out of the pack and put them in there. Makin' me wonder if my camera is D-E-D. So, no photos to share, but, I did take over camera duty for Dena and you can find my talents on her blog. Later that evening I left both kiddies with the grandparents and went out with the girls (see below).

Sunday was pj day until the afternoon when the kids and I loaded up to make our bi-monthly trek to Sam's. I do love pj day.

A random thought...I have been exercising like crazy since about June and it has occured to me that the more I exercise, the more I EAT...I mean like crazy! What up? Especially at night I feel hungry and then I just ruin my exercise for the day!! Whatever. I get tired of trying sometimes!

Seven weeks left and Michael comes home!! We cannot wait, me especially since the kids have no idea..

Other than all this, we are gearing up for Mac's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. I am so excited for him, he adores birthday parties and I asked him tonight what he wanted for his birthday and he said "a blue present!!" I guess he means a present wrapped in blue paper?? So I pressed further asking what he wanted to be inside the blue present and he said, " a car cake Mommy!" We just might have to do that pumpkin pie....

Funny from Mac....tonight he was playing with Jack (our dog) and had two balls; a tennis ball and a small plastic football. I walked away to do something and Mac yells, "Mommy, he's takin' my touchdown!!!"

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Mom's Night Out

Saturday night was MNO and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It is always so nice to get away for an evening of: dining at a time when others who are not under the age of 4 or over the age of 65 dine, not being rushed to eat my dinner, not having to worry about what else I can find to pass the time until the food arrives and not having to clean up the floor before I leave. We went to O'Charley's and then to see the Nanny Diaries. Cute Movie!! I did however miss the memo telling me to wear black....

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Monday, September 10, 2007

When I google I get.....

Okay, so I am sure that if you are reading this you have heard of "Googling" your name. You've probably even done it. Well, doing my name alone I got nothing. However when I plug in Mike and Buffie Jones this is what I get......oh yeah. So funny I had to share!!! The caption that didn't copy with this picture from its website read, "Buffie The Body and Mike Jones". I have no idea who she is, but we have gotten prank calls before looking for THE MIKE JONES!!!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007


Seriously, what be up with my dawgs? I am already catching so much heat...and I don't even talk smack!!! Somewhere in the late night, I heard Larry Munson shed a tear or two. Oh well, I do not regret talking a wee bit o' smack via my babies by putting their "I'm a little Bulldog" shirts on them on Fan Friday. Just goes to show you that the SEC is always keeping it interesting. Speaking of, I do know that the fact that Auburn (who I ABSOLUTELY DETEST WITH THE GREATEST OF PASSION) got whooped up on by USF totally offset my Dawgs loss. At least we gave it a good fight, man what a game. Although I am not a Spurrier fan (goes back to those Gator days...), I do know that when he says he belives he has a team that just might have a shot at the SEC title he usually knows what he talkin' bout. Virginia, I just don't want to hear it as Dena has already beat you to the punch!! Oh and by the way, your boy Blake Mitchell sho' ain't pretty; ugh, a face only a motha' could love. Sorry to offend!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Mommy time...

Okay concerned friends and family, you will be happy to know that I finally got to take some Mommy time today. I secured a sitter (Lily Kate is on antibiotics for some bad chest congestion/croup and we didn't want to infect anyone else...please don't be offended Granny Nannie, Melissa and Lindsay!!) and at lunch took off for a day of whatever! I didn't get back home until 8pm!!! It was nice and very productive. I got a pedi, had a very leisurely lunch during which I read the paper (don't get to do that very often!) and then I ran errands that would have been a little tough with two in tow. My babysitter totally rocked tonight; both kids were bathed and Lily Kate was in bed when I got home!!! Thank you Miss Ali, you saved my sanity!!!! Whew!!!!

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