Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Note to self....

When you have an oral child i.e. one who loves to put anything and everything in her mouth whether it be a pacifier, thumb, small toys or anything that she can fit in there, you might want to watch her at all times. Otherwise she may put a penny in her mouth and swallow it. If this should happen, the penny should pass. When the penny does pass, you are likely to feel relief..that is if you are aware that she swallowed it in the first place. If you are unaware, you may question the contents of her diaper, want to yell at her, feel like a failing parent, etc. In that case, please re-read the above three lines. Oh, and then you should feel relief as well because know that if you had not received that little copper surprise in her diaper, it could have caused an obstruction that would have required surgery to remove it.

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You're still the one!!

Thank you for a life beyond my expectations..you are an incredible husband, father and best friend. I love you with all of my heart!!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't call the dogs out just yet!!!!

We're back!!!! Oh my goodness I have never gone this long without blogging...such rediculousness!!! I have been so knee deep in projects and keeping the kids entertained that I have had to sacrifice the blogging. However, the activity level isn't even about to let up. We are headed out of town day after tomorrow so I really needed to update things as there will be even more to blog about after our next trip.
We have been busy with the Wright girls! Whether it's playdates, pool time, sewing or meeting at the Y, we have been doing quite a bit with them these last couple of weeks.
We had water day at Mimi's pool. When the pool got boring, we all {even the Mommies..I don't recommend it..it's not as fun as when I was little} tried the slip n' slide. When in the pool, my kids had more floats on than a navy ship. Mac is getting much friendlier with the water, but Lily Kate is still a ball of nerves which is fine with me. It's hot these days down here in the Lowcountry, but the pool is the way to go for my crew. Plus they take awesome naps when it's all over!

How is it Leslie still manages to look tres chic even on a slip n' slide?? Pure glamour that girl is.

Okay, next is our report of the projects we have been knee deep in. Mommy more so than Daddy, but still. We had hardwoods put down in the whole first floor. Quite exciting! We had been planning on it since we moved in, however it is just now coming to fruition. The kids and I packed up and spent two days and a night with the Kabine's so we wouldn't be in their hair. All that is left is the quarter round, but take a look at the before and after!! I have to say I am a bit embarrassed at our carpet. I just always knew we would put down these floors so I failed to vaccum every day (I think that is what it takes to keep carpet looking good when you have a dog and two kids). Oh well. It's done now! Here is the before:

And the after:

I guess because we went with a dark wood that these pictures are so dark looking...even though they were taken at the same time of day as the before pics! Nonetheless we are enjoying them! Of course the living room is not at all in place, but that will come with time. Now we need paint and I need to get busy on the curtains. The projects are neverending!
Other projects include making a shelf unit for Mac's room, and lots and lots of sewing. I have been working with the fabric from you-know-where making two table skirts and a duvet cover. What a nightmare, take a look:

Matching up this oh-so detailed pattern on the fabric has been a task. I look forward to it all being done!
As if I needed more to do, I have taken on the task of learning how to smock!!! I am quite excited about this as I can take it everywhere with me and do it anywhere. Leslie has been teaching me and I think she was so excited when I told her I was ready to learn. Since she's been teaching me, we meet and smock!! I know this sounds boring to most, but it is wonderful!! The kids play or sleep and we just get to sit and mentally unwind. I think I am ready to start my first project, so stay tuned!

Family fun has been in full swing too. We all went to our first Riverdogs game (baseball team here). Even though it lasted a whole 45 minutes, it was fun! Mac spiked a fever and we had to leave, but we know we will go again! Here are some pics from the day:

Lastly we took a small trip to see Nana and Paw paw in the mountains over the weekend. Aunt Lisa, Uncle Keith and all our cousins were there which made it super duper fun! Here are some pictures from our trip!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Express Yourself!!!

Where is my camera when I need it...and even if I have it, I can't seem to work it fast enough! I have seen several bumper stickers lately that have cracked me up. I was telling Michael about them and he told me about some that he had seen recently too. I don't have any bumper stickers or stickers of any kind on my car. Some people take it way too far I think; like they are trying to see how many they can get on there. Then there are some who have just a couple that they thought were hilarious when they first put them on (and unique), but now they look stupid because everyone else has one like it too (did they think that the store would stop selling them after they bought one??). I will go ahead and throw her under the bus because she doesn't have a blog or uncommon name, but my friend Amy made me swear to her one time that I would never put those stupid "Mom" stickers on my car as my kids got older. You know, the ones like "My kid is an excellent student at such and such.." or the one of the football with the kids name and number in the middle. I know it is a huge source of pride for parents..I don't mean to knock it. But sometimes, just like fashion, a little teeny detail of self expression goes a long way. There's my thought for the day and below are a couple of my favorites.

Don't be fooled by the car. My real treasure is in heaven

Nobody died when Clinton lied

Support wildlife. Throw a party!

Piss off a liberal. Work hard and be happy. {my personal favorite}

If the van is a rockin' don't come a knockin'

(CBS logo here {it looks like an eye}) see BS

Work harder, millions of people on welfare are depending on you!

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