Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He's Home!!!!!!

Our sweet dog is home!!! The surgeon had no reservations about doing the surgery and did so yesterday afternoon. He came home today and isn't himself because he is so groggy and exhausted, but that's okay. His incision and stitches really scared Lily Kate, she cried a lot to be exact. We told them that his hair would grow back and he would be back to normal in no time. Thank you to everyone who had him in your prayers!!!!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well, well, well....

Hmmmm, let's see. Straight shooter I am, even if it takes me ten minutes to get here it goes. Our computer is so slow that I dread checking email, facebook, anything. I haven't felt like posting a thing because of this and many other reasons which are to follow. Our camera is pretty much dead..I've been relying on the photos from others and we all know that is frustrating...well frustrating for us who have blogs. The holidays...they were wonderful but like everyone else's, busy. The new year has been quiet until recently. The kids have been sick off and on with various things. For a month a tummy bug was in our house; we all took turns having it. Seasonal depression;'s here. And last but very much so not least is the current situation with our precious and very loved dog Jack. He's old...twelve in May to be exact. I had a strong feeling just after the new year that this would be his last. He has had trouble lately with getting winded very easily. We took him to the vet last week and as I write this post he is being seen by a specialist. I have prayed numerous times today for him and ask that if you are reading you will say a prayer too. He has a condition called laryngeal effects his breathing and sounds he's a victim of emphysema or something. It can be fixed, but he has to be a candidate which is what we will find out today. Bless him...bless his bones. He's our baby...Michael and I have had him since before we were married. I just keep thinking of my babies and how to make them understand should he not be a candidate. Such a mixed kind of a day...not only is today a big day for the family puppy, but it is also my sister's birthday (shoutout AMU) and God reminded me that today five years ago I found out I was pregnant with my precious little pumpkin pie...Thank you God for a ray of sun in such a cloudy day.
Speaking of cloudy...would the sun just come out already?? I mean seriously...we can't help the emotional grayness of our it Jack or the economy or the world, but could we just have a little light??
Mama's been sewing a a new toy for Christmas...a SERGER. Yummy! I've been tackling projects left and right since I love it so AND I happen to know of like 8 babies that will be here by April. Wish it were in my water!
We've been working hard with Mac on learning letters and sounds. He is doing well..last night we let him watch Wheel of Fortune. We try to keep the kids guessing on our teaching tactics around here....hehe.
Lily Kate could care less about colors and shapes...God help here and us. She is so sassy...shaking that finger and everything. She really would just like to learn about fashion and makeup.
So...I will try to upload some pics today to go with the post, but don't bet on it. We are alive and could use your prayers...we covet them. Blessings to you all.

By the way...the pictures of the kids in red pj's was from a ride on the Polar Express...complete with hot chocolate, a bell and a visit from Santa. Mac realized in all the excitement that he had forgotten to give a hug to Santa...which explains the picture above! The kids are still talking about it! Thank you Nanna and Pawpaw for the trip!!!

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